Wedding Speeches

Whoever you are, whether you are the groom, the best man, the father of the bride or even the bride (a la Meghan Markle), speeches are a fundamental and important component of the wedding. The important thing is to find out the tone of the reception and what is expected of you. Yes speeches can be light hearted, but bear in mind the audience and the families of the bride and groom – some stories might not be family appropriate and just because the happy couple laugh about it with you, it doesn’t mean they want the world and its wife to know.

Now, I’ve always said I can find a Friends quote or anecdote for every thing that comes up in life, and you will notice that on this blog. There is a great episode of the show where Monica & Chandler are planning their wedding. They have asked Joey to marry them, so he has gone online to get ordained and is now thinking about what to say. Whilst it is unusual to have someone make a speech during the ceremony itself, the situation is exactly the same as if he was asked to give a speech at the reception as opposed to during the ceremony. He isn’t the most articulate person on a good day, and his attempts are painful – but of course, hilarious!

If writing and giving speeches is out of your comfort zone, just remember that weddings are about love, and so it should just come from the heart. It is never too early to start planning your speech, and planning will be key to giving a great speech on the day. Here is a list of just a few of my top tips for a successful wedding speech:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Share (appropriate) memories of the happy couple
  • Making jokes is fine – as long as they suitable for the audience and don’t exclude anyone
  • Thank the guests for their attendance – in particular the parents of the couple
  • Wish the couple well and (again, if appropriate) offer a tip or advice
  • Take into consideration any other cultural or religious considerations
  • Make sure to toast at the end (of course depending on the above)

It’s absolutely fine to ask for help and input – but just remembed to not rip off another speech off the internet – that’s not cool! Also, don’t just focus on four words – time to hand over to Joey!


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