The most important things to think about when planning your wedding

Every engaged couple will have lists a mile long of all the things that they need to think about, plan and book as part of their wedding celebrations, but here are my top things you need to think about! For more great ideas and wedding inspiration click here.

  1. The wedding party – how many bridesmaids, groomsmen, page boys etc do you need? Don’t choose people because you feel you should – choose them because you want them to be part of the wedding party.
  2. The venue – is the venue easily accessible for all your guests? Is there plenty of parking? What about disabled access for any guests who might have mobility issues? What is the curfew – and have you confirmed the timings are in line with those for food and entertainment.
  3. The food – are you able to cater for all dietary requirements that your guests may have, whether they are allergies or by choice. Whilst I am not saying you should have to cater for the more outlandish requests, being able to cater for vegetarians/vegans and food allergies is a bare minimum.
  4. The entertainment – what kind of entertainment do you want? A live band or a DJ are the most popular choices but there are plenty of options out there. If you go for a DJ, meet up with them before you book the event as they will be a big part of your reception and you want to make sure that you get along. If they do any activities such as the Mr & Mrs Game as part of the evening – make sure if there are any topics which are not appropriate for yoru guests.
  5. The dress – a really obvious one, but choose a dress that you love. Just because a family member is contributing towards the costs doesn’t mean it should come with rules or provisos. You need to love it, and have a dress that you want to look back at in all your photos. You need to feel comfortable and if there are any activities such as dancing or games, that the dress will be appropriate.
  6. The vows – are you going to say the usual vows, or will you write your own? Sometimes it is easier and more traditional to go with the “normal” vows, but some times writing your own can be a fun way of personalising the day. The most important thing is to speak from the heart and be truthful.
  7. The guestlist – as with the bridal party, don’t invite people because you feel you should. Invite people who you want to share your day with and will add to the day by having them there.
  8. The honeymoon – will you leave straight from the reception to the honeymoon or will you go at a later date? Where would you like to go? What kind of weather do you want? What kind of activities do you want to see – sightseeing or relaxation? How long can you go for? If you are taking off some time before the wedding, if there are limits as to how much annual leave you can take at one time, you might be limited by your options so bear it in mind.

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