Saving money on your wedding

Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. We hope that we get to do it once, and only once, and so it is a massive day for us and our loved ones. Whilst I’m not saying you should scrimp and not spend money on it, I am very keen on not spending money that you don’t need to (and not just when it comes to weddings but in every area of life.

So, how can you save money on your wedding?

Well a great place to start is with your pre-wedding events such as hen and stag dos. The vast majority of us are already living with our partners when we get married, and so it’s less of a big deal as it’s not that last night of singleness any more and so we don’t need to spend as much time and effort on it. Some of the best hen parties I’ve been to have been primarily at someone’s house and we’ve had food and drink, and hen party games. We didn’t need to go wild or spend lots of money. The bride spent a fun night with her closest friends and had a wonderful time.

Moving on to the wedding itself, there are so many ways to save money but without scrimping and feeling like your big day isn’t the biggest and best day it can be.

If you can get married “off season” (so avoiding summer) or even on a week day, you can save a massive amount of money on the venue and the reception costs such as catering.

Search online for preloved and preworn dresses – this is one of the ways you can save the most amount of money.

Guestlists are a really controversial wedding subject. Everyone goes through the “well I invited x so I must invite y” but it’s strictly not true. It’s your day, and it’s your decision. If someone is not happy with the guest list (whether they are on it or not) then so be it. That is their problem. It’s your day and don’t let it ruin it for you. Inviting people you don’t really want there is a massive way of wasting money that you don’t want to spend – so don’t do it!

On that note, another way to save money is on your wedding favours. If you feel the need to have them, then there are loads of ways of making them in a really personal but cost effective way. Whatever your theme or location, you can come up with some great ideas. From fortune cookies to jewellery, and from sweetie bags through to mixtapes, there will be something that fits in with your special day and be in your budget. Don’t compare yourself to other people and think that because so and so had expensive gift bags you need to do the same, because you don’t. The thing that people treasure most from weddings is the experience and the memories, so something small and personal will mean a lot more to them than something big and expensive.


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