Choosing a wedding, prom or cotillion dress

Your prom and your wedding are the two most glamorous days of your life and choosing your dresses for both can be both fun and stressful. Some people have the added bonus of a cotillion too.


A cotillion is more formal than a prom and is a ball like event, often attended by family and friends, and is less like a prom and more like a wedding.

I have seen various episodes of Say Yes to The Dress or similar TV shows where young ladies have gone to bridal salons to choose their cotillion dresses. Some people feel this takes the sparkle out of choosing their actual wedding dress when they do get married, but others say it is a bit of harmless fun – what are your opinions?


Proms are usually held between the age of 16-18 and at that age, girls are really impressionable. They perhaps aren’t as comfortable with their bodies and themselves as people as they will end up being several years down the line. It is however a key time for them and so for them, choosing prom dresses that suit you is absolutely key. These principles of what dresses suit each body shape can be applied for any outfit and for any occasion and so it can be a great lesson to learn at a relatively young age!


Let’s be honest, most of us have planned some part of our weddings since we were little girls. From the dress to the venue or the guest list to the honeymoon, it’s almost a built in thing to have ideas about it the whole way through our lives. Whether you want a big fluffy princess dress, or a simplistic clingy sheath dress, we all have visions of what we want to look like on that big day. One thing I’ve learnt from all the episodes of Say Yes to The Dress, Curvy Brides Boutique and Second Chance Dresses (and similar) that I’ve watched, and weddings that my friends have planned, is that no matter what kind of dress you think you want, until you are there in the salon, trying on dresses, you will not know what will suit you.

So often brides to be think that a particular style or shape will suit them and then they try it on and it does nothing for them. In Second Chance Dresses (shown on TLC in the UK) the host shows the bride to be three dresses that fit the description of what they think they want and then she also shows a fourth, wildcard choice. This is always something completely opposite to what the bride wants and usually provokes a strong reaction on unveiling. Sometimes the brides to be love these dresses and sometimes they hate them, but they always challenge their opinions on dresses and what will suit them.

Perhaps if information about what kind of dresses would suit their body shape was around when they were younger it might be a more simpler process. Remember – whatever you choose for your event, it’s your day and don’t let other people sway your choice! If you feel good then that’s all that matters!


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