How to choose a wedding photographer

There are so many things in life that I would advocate trying to save money on, but your wedding photography is definitely not one of them. Whatever your wedding budget, you are spending the money to have a wonderful day. You therefore want to make sure you have the perfect recording of it in order to capture those memories and keep them for prosperity. You may end up choosing the cheapest photographer you meet with, or you may end up with the most expensive one, but as long as you keep within your budget, there are other things which are more important when making this incredibly key decision. Here are my top tips for finding and choosing the best photographer for your day:

  • Meet with the photographer – you are going to have them around on your big day, so you don’t want to have someone you don’t get on with or don’t like.
  • Check out their portfolio – they might be an amazing photographer, but photography is a very personal and subjective art and their style might not suit your vision of the day and your photos.
  • Ask for recommendations – with the advent of online review sites, and local Facebook groups for people to connect, there is no reason not to reach out and get recommendations, and even speak to previous customers – even if you don’t know anyone personally who can make a recommendation.
  • Make sure you know their track record and if they are unable to make the day for any reason – do they provide cover or back up? I’m sure they would move heaven and earth not to, but unfortunately illness and accidents won’t take into consideration your big day so make sure there’s a Plan B.
  • Is the photographer that you meet the photographer that will be shooting your big day (apart from situations like the above)? You don’t want to book a great photographer and then on the day they’ve send out someone totally different with half the experience and a different style.
  • What is actually included in the price they are offering? This is a key question – if they are only going to provide 10 family portraite photos, when you need at least 25 – that’s not going to work for you.
  • What will the turn around from the time of the wedding be? Some might turn around the photos really quickly – but that might not necessarily be a sign of high quality.

Another key thing to remember are that if you are having them with you for most, if not all the day, they need to be fed and watered. Don’t overlook them just because they are working – they are human beings after all! Also, make sure all their costs are covered if anything else is incurred.

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