Grooming for the groom

In the lead up to a wedding, the focus is more often than not almost entirely on the bride. Everyone talks about what she will be wearing, what she will do with her hair and make up, and what time she will arrive for the ceremony! It’s so easy to take the eyes off the prize and remember that there are two people getting married and the groom is equally important. Whilst the majority of grooms wear some sort of suit, and they really don’t get much attention, there are other things that grooms may have to think about in the lead up to the wedding. Male grooming is a booming business, and a massive number of grooms now include manicures and pedicures as part of their pre-wedding, as well as of course waxing, facial treatments and massages. Like with all things “bridal” companies are maximising on these new trends with a rapid increase in packages and treatments available and advertised as for grooms or for the groomsmen. One of the most common concerns amongst grooms about their upcoming wedding day however is about their appearance, and in particular hair loss and receding hairlines.

Wedding photos are one of the most treasured and looked at family memories and the pictures remain on show forever. A lot of men, particularly those of a younger age, are more insecure about any baldness or receding hairline issues. Whilst Princes William and Harry have done a lot to normalise this issue, not every groom is a prince who is marrying their princess and it still is a big area of concern for them.

Mental health has been shown to be linked strongly to hair loss and I think we all know how stressful weddings can be. It’s therefore key to remember that it’s not just men that these issues affect, and brides can face hair loss or hair thinning in the lead up to their weddings too. As previously mentioned, weddings are stressful times, and with the link between hair issues and mental health being so prevalent, it is getting more and more common for brides to have concerns prior to their weddings too. Fortunately there are more and more ways of hiding thinning or receding hair, some are more permanent than others, and most require a start of a change in mindset. Some women are confident in styling their hair to cover their concerns or insecurities, whereas some need a little help.

Male or female, bride or groom, member of the wedding party or a guest, it’s important to remember that there are many different types of treatment for baldness or receding hairlines. If it is something that is concerning you, the first step is to check in with your doctor. They will be able to advise what the options are for you and which are more likely to work for you. Whether you go for supplements or medications, or something more physical such as a hair transplant, there are plenty of options and choices available to you so you are sure to find the perfect solution for you.


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